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Junge Story

The Junge Story

junge storyIn 1979, Dave Junge, a farmer and engineer, was tired of losing money every time he mixed his fertilizer by hand—especially when he realized that spilling just one ounce cost him thousands of dollars. He looked for a solution to his problem—when he couldn’t find one, he developed one.

Junge founded Junge Control in 1979, when he built the first computerized fertilizer plant. Since then, Junge Control has continued to develop state-of-the-art control and batching systems—from individual equipment to full-scale plant automation.

Today, Junge Control builds control systems, equipment and software for the agriculture, fuel, aerial and corporate industries.

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More than 30 Years in Automation, Batching and Control
1979 Junge Control is founded when Dave Junge builds the world’s first computerized fertilizer plant.

1983 Junge Control invents the Bulk Chem Way for measuring chemicals.

1989 Junge Control develops software to control and manage entire plants from one integrated solution.

1999 Junge Control produces 300 Micro Ways to measure minute amounts of product.

2002 Junge Control begins developing industry solutions for chemical companies.

2004 Junge Control develops the Unattended Loadout to allow truck drivers to fill up automatically, anytime.

2008 Junge Control builds controls and software for a continuous-flow seed measuring system.

2009 Junge Control develops controls and software for fuel blending.

2010 Junge Control builds a batching system—Novo—to precisely mix seed treatment.